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So.. We all have our weird things that we do, think or say. And as I have developed my blog into a more lifestyle-oriented platform, I thought it would be fun, if you got to know a little about me… So here goes…

1/ I have always been very positive by nature. It’s a mindset I have inherited from by parents for sure, which has given me an outlook on the world and on possibilities than I wouldn’t be without.

2/ Even though I am positive, I have been going through hard times dealing with a severe eating disorder. Now I am ‘out on the other side’ and have healed myself with help from a highly skilled psychologist and by focusing on meditating, practicing my daily gratitude and on my yoga practise.

3) I always carry around an eraser. In my pocket, in my hands or basically anywhere I go.. I rub it and that’s just weird…

4/ I have always been into food, especially healthy foods. but when I was teenager, I binged on McDonald’s, Burger King, milk chocolate and creamy pastas.. I had no idea that I was lactose intolerant why my stomach was aching so bad.

5/ Not only am I lactose intolerant (I was diagnosed when I was 21), when I was 22 I was diagnosed with endometriosis causing severe pain in my abdomen. I am being treated with hormones (which is not the most optimal solution, but in my case the only) that minimizes my pains a bit, but luckily I can keep them down with hormone balancing food & a mostly-vegan diet.

6/ I turn 30 this year. Can you believe that?! I can’t. 30.. Anna version 3.0!

7/ I love jazzy tunes. Especially the French ans Spanish ones. I put in this kind of music whenever I’m cooking or just copying pop at home.

8/ I talk to myself. Like a lot. And only when there’s no others around of course (ahem..)…. I have long conversations with myself in the car and whenever I’m home alone, I practice “speeches” or how I want to explain certain things like gratitude.

9/ I meditate. Almost every day and I absolutely love it. It has helped me a lot during my ed and now, I have found some kind of inner peace that works magic to me.

10/ Besides cooking, meditating, practicing yoga and doing my gratitude journal daily, I would love to inspire others to live a more grateful life. It’s truly a life worth living and I believe that gratitude can take us far – as far as we want to be specific. Gratitude to me is not just a thing I do randomly, its something I do with concentration and with care.


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