Small Aspirations

Small Aspirations

small aspirations
Aspire to inspire. Isn’t that what is said? To be able to inspire others by what you do and not merely about what you say is, in my opinion, one of life’s great achievements. To inspire others inspires you keep inspiring yourself, to always become better at what you do, how you think and how you do it. Taking in new aspirations for the day, the week, month or year motivates me more than anything else. It keeps me going and it keeps my eye on my targets – targets that are constantly under development, because the more I get to inspire myself, the more I wish do so – and the more I wish to keep inspiring others.

On my Instagram I recently got a message from a sweet woman. I have been detoxing during Christmas and New Years and my Instagram have been standing still – I had left it just to be – to be just myself. It was wonderful, but still I had the feeling that something was missing. The sweet woman made me discover exactly what: my daily inspirational thoughts and quotes; my daily inspiration that I had been given both myself and apparently others too – every day. Such a lovely thing to be made aware of. So I got back in the game, slowly but steadily, and in the near future a lot of wonderful things and challenges awaits me; both in my personal life as well as in my SoMe life.

I might be giving something to others: inspirational thoughts that leads to a different mindset on a day where a particular, more motivated mindset is hard to find, but first of all: it gives me something. a very big amount of something and that something is motivation. I have those days too where you just want to stay in bed, read a book or go for a neverending walk; days where my inspiration seems to hit the ground, days where I cannot find my motivational mindset and days where things seem so hopeless. Luckily they don’t last for long. Some self care in terms of a warm shower, some mindfulness (even when I cannot seem to find the calm in my mind), a body brushing session, a good body oil, a hair treatment and a good night’s sleep seem to cure my frustrations.

And sometimes, sometimes I need to look at my small aspirations; my list of how to live my life, my morals turning towards myself and others and my list of “do-this-and-you-will-be-fine”, which seems to cure most of my get-over-yourself-hangovers when things seem not to work out. It’s a good list to keep nearby, why it has it’s very own fixed space in my daily calendar. So if you sometimes need to turn to a “keep-going” list, take a look below.


Show love
Be kinder – always
Always do your best
Smile – a lot
Laugh – also at yourself – especially when times are hard
Make self care a ritual
Smell good and wear your favourite perfume
Care less about what others think
Discover new music, new places, new people
Step outside your comfort zone
Value joy in the calm of nature
Make your goals happen – big and small
Be passionate – about everything you do
Learn something new
Be happy and let it go


Small aspirations that lead to a large amount of inspiration. It ignites a spark within and sometimes that tiny spark is able to lit a whole fire, burning from within, just waiting for it’s time burst out any opening that will allow it to. Once the fire is out, there’s no room for hiding, only action is accepted to control the fire; the motivation and the inspiration, and the only one to take action is you. Yes, you. Yourself, from within and nobody else.

Just keep going and wonderful, magical, breathtaking things will happen. You might not find yourself in a magical wonderland, dancing with unicorns, the magical and the wonderful things will happen from within, but the experience, once manifested, will show itself as a sudden change of mindset and it is exactly that mindset that will keep you going.

So my advice to you is: inspire yourself in order to inspire others and vice versa. Make a small aspirations list – it’s okay to have one and it’s perfectly okay to acknowledge your feelings; none of us are built to resist every obstacle
we meet; we are built to face it and that is exactly what you do, when you take action on self care, on inspiration and on yourself – from within. Happy Sunday!

2 thoughts on “Small Aspirations”

  • Just what I needed to read on a beautiful Sunday.

    When feeling a bit under the weather, it gives so much to find an inspirational quote, words of wisdom, simple thoughts on life with a wider perspektiver.

    Thank You xxx

  • Aaw I am so happy, Linda! Thank you so much, what a wonderful comment. We should all inspire each other to do our best in every situation – and I can only say that find inspiration in you as well. Sweet woman :-*

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